• Introduction to domain

    a) What is a Domain Name?

    A domain name is a global unique identifier which facilitates the worldwide reach towards a local Internet resource. In other words, it is your postal address in the cyber world! By using this address, you are only a few clicks away – anytime, any location

    b) How domain name is used, any example?

    For example, is an illustrative domain name for commercial purposes registered within Brunei Darussalam. Once this domain name is registered, all permitted online resources for may be accessed on “anytime, any location” basis by means of Internet. Thus, reach becomes global as well as local through internet-enabled computers, phones, PDAs etc.

    By making use of, the Registrant Company (say) ABC, their business affiliates and customers may communicate and interact in many different ways.

    The usual options are through website such as, communication through business e-mail such as, undertaking database collection (using online forms), reflecting live information (via electronic dashboards) and so on. The use of the same domain name may be tailored as per actual requirements.

    c) Is there any alternative to Domain Name?

    If such an identifier is not available to the local internet resource, the only alternative for the world is to memorise the relevant IP addresses (minimum 16 numeric-lengths) as available to you. This way, it proves to be less comfortable and efficient. Hence, Domain Name is universally used for round the clock business connectivity in the real world.

    d) Is there any other benefit also?

    Apart from addressing facility, the other potential benefits include:

    authentic and reliable Online recognition which social media sites may not provide. Online branding definitely requires a domain name

    domain name is searchable through Internet search engines

    one-stop platform for faster information delivery and interactivity 24 by 7 while retaining full flexibility and ownership of resources throughout

    e) Any tips for making choice of domain name?

    You may consider the following tips:

    keep it short preferably easy to inform and remember

    should reflect your identity such as organisation’s name, brand, nature of activity etc.

    avoid use of Official names, Brand names, Trademarks, and any such expression that may cause confusion to others

    f) How to obtain a domain name? What are the costs?

    The domain name relevant to your purpose may be obtained through registration of applied domain name in your favour. This facility is made available in Brunei Darussalam by BNNIC for registration of domain names ending with .bn

    Each registration is valid for a certain period which could be applied for renewal. The overall registration cost remains very nominal. On a daily basis, it comes out to be a few cents – equivalent to cost of a phone call!

    Once registration is complete, BNNIC shall make provisions for connecting the particular domain name to the rest of the Internet community. Please note domain name registration does not mean any other Government approval such as Trademark Registration etc.

    The premium domain names may have significant acquisition costs as these may remain in demand. The Registration costs shall remain the same.

    g) What is the role of BNNIC?

    Authority of Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI, has authorised Brunei Darussalam National Information Centre (BNNIC) on exclusive basis to administer the National Registry for .bn domain names and manage the allocation of domain names through accredited or appointed Registrars only.

    BNNIC aims to provide reliable, cost-effective and quick services to all customers. This is one more step towards Smart Society.

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