• Introduction to registration procedure

    a) What are key steps for Registration?

    In order to start the fresh Registration, please

    identify relevant sub-domain as per eligibility criteria

    leave aside non-permitted and reserved domain name(s)

    check availability of the desired domain name(s) through WHOIS search facility on

    take note of the available name(s) close to the desired name(s), contact any of the Accredited Registrars to submit the application

    The successful application shall be acknowledged by the Registrar with Registration of domain name at BNNIC’s (Registry) level for the known duration

    For all related services and obtain necessary assistance, the first point of contact shall be the concerned Registrar

         Please see relevant section for renewal process. 


    b) Who are eligible Registrants?

    The Registration process is declared open with in effect for fresh registrations or renewals in case of bonafide local residents only. Standard documentary requirements shall apply.

    BNNIC may allow Registration applications on behalf of the international non-residents later at its own discretion.


    The eligibility shall also be governed through the nature of activities or purpose. The following sub-domains are currently open for registration: for companies and business for network providers for educational institutions for non-profit organisations for use on behalf of Government of Brunei Darussalam

    A typical .bn domain name may be in the form <domain name>.<type>.bn ; for example,


    c) What domain names are permitted?

    The following key points may be noted

    Only appropriate combinations of roman alphabets (a to z, no case sensitive) and numerals (0 to 9) are currently acceptable.

    The hyphen (-) could also be used provided it does not appear at first, second, third or fourth position

    Each such combination may not exceed 63 characters (excluding count of .bn characters)


    d) Are there any non-permitted/ Reserved domain names ?

    The following key points may be noted

    Any expressions resembling words such as "Brunei", "Brunei Government" or "Sultan" or indicative of such Official or Royal names.

    Any expression resembling the name of sovereign country or territory

    Any expression containing technical expressions such as “bnnic”, “nic”, “www”, “http”, “https”, “http-www”, generic top-level domains (gTLDs ) suffixes such as .com; .info etc.

    Any expression which is obscene, scandalous, indecent, contrary to law or morality;

    Any expression containing words that are religiously-sensitive, contrary to public interest or order, national harmony or any other social objectives

    BNNIC shall make the final decisions in any doubtful cases as per Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (RPPG) 


    e) Any other Reserved domain names (premium domain names)?

    The following key points may be noted

    The premium domain names remain reserved on temporary basis and hence, may be available for Registration at appropriate times.

    It includes second level domain names such as

    It also includes single letter or numeric domain names such as ;


    f) How to check availability of the desired Domain Name(s)?

    WHOIS search with BNNIC’s database may help

    Once you have desired domain name(s), the availability check may be performed by using WHOIS search prior to submission of application.

    WHOIS search  indicates the current status of availability of domain names ending with .bn

    WHOIS search also provides the near alternatives

    Please mention the chosen domain name(s) while submitting the application to the Accredited or Appointed Registrar.


    g) Who are Accredited or Appointed Registrar(s)?

    The following key points may be noted

    All Registrations for domain names shall be normally through applications to the Accredited Registrars with one exception.


    Accredited Registrars



    The registration of domain names meant for Government use shall be performed exclusively through the Appointed Registrar i.e. e-Government National Centre (EGNC) for Brunei Darussalam.


    Appointed Registrar


    BNNIC makes no distinction amongst the Accredited Registrars and encourages Registrants to make informed choices

    A Registrant, at her own discretion, may choose domain name Registration service on a la carte (one single service) basis or combine it other hosting services. Such services generally include web hosting, e-mail hosting, data storage etc. However, BNNIC prescribes no particular commercial offerings.


    h) Is there any priority for Registration?

    The following key points may be noted

    BNNIC shall register the applied names which remain available on first come, first serve basis in strict accordance with the receipt at BNNIC - physical or electronic

    Any application withdrawn or rejected at the Registrar’s level shall have no consequent effect on BNNIC decisions for other acceptable applications.

    The priority criteria for allocation of premium domain names shall be declared at appropriate times. The Registration could be applied later.

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