• Is there any checklist for registration

    a) Number of Domain names per single application

    For Registration of more than one domain names, the maximum number of names per one single application is permitted up to twenty (20).


    b) Processing time under normal conditions

    The concerned Registrar shall make provisional entries in the Registry within a maximum of five (05) days

    BNNIC shall approve or reject or suggest alternatives within two (02) next working #days#

    The concerned Registrar shall inform the latest status to the applicant within first seven (07) days.

    Additional seven (07) days may be available for submission of alternative domain names and consideration thereof.

    Alternatively, the charges may be refundable as per Registrant’s request made within first 14 days (Grace Period) of application submission at the Registrar’s end.


    c) Period of Registration

    The successful Registration shall be currently permitted for either 1 or 2 years.

    The period shall start at close of Grace Period and end as per Expiry date notified.


    d) Fees & payment methods

    All fees & charges related to the application shall be payable to concerned Registrar

    Standard rates as determined and published by the concerned Registrars would apply

    The payment methods shall also be prescribed by the Registrar

    The rate charged by BNNIC for Registration per year per domain name through Accredited Registrars is currently B $ 40 only.

    Direct payments to BNNIC are not acceptable in ordinary circumstances




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