• What shall happen after registration

    Each successful registration would lead to WHOIS update i.e. limited essential information about Registrants shall be published through BNNIC for operational reasons.

    This shall include Registrant’s name, Name of administrative contact and Name & e-mail ID of Technical contact

    Any consequent change in contact particulars may be communicated to the concerned Registrar within seven (07) days.


    b) Renewal (without service suspension)

    The registration period may be extended (Renewal) by applying to the concerned Registrar

    The application may be accepted around one year in advance before the notified Expiry Date

    For suspension-free services, the application is required to be submitted seven (07)  days before the notified Expiry date. The 7-days period before Expiry is called as Renewal Grace Period

    Renewal charges currently applied by BNNIC is B $ 40 per year


    c) Late Renewal (with restoration of the suspended services)

    Any renewal applied for after the Expiry Date could witness suspended services (for example, website or e-mail may not work)

    Any consequent application submitted within 30 days after Expiry Date may result in full restoration. This period of 30 days is called as Expiration Period.

    The renewal charges shall apply since the last Expiry Date


    d) Re-instatement (delayed restoration after service suspension)

    Any renewal applied for after passage of Expiry Period shall require Re-instatement fees to be paid to BNNIC

    The current Re-instatement fees is B $ 10 per domain name

    The renewal charges shall also apply since the last Expiry Date

    This renewal shall be permitted within thirty (30) days after Expiration Period. The period is called as Redemption Grace Period.


    e) Purging of domain records (termination of service)

    In case of no application available until the end of Redemption Grace Period (i.e. sixty days after Expiry Date), the domain name records shall be purged by BNNIC

    Such purged records shall be subsequently re-cycled for fresh Registration open to any eligible Registrant


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